Tom Jakobek is Happy without Politics

     Tom Jakobek, now as a joyful volunteer dad, says that he has passed his political life. But when someone writes history about Toronto someday, They will very likely to mention Tom Jakobek’s name somewhere among the other Toronto politicians in the book.

Toronto City Council

Toronto City Council

Tom Jakobek, with 20-year political experience, spent his career working on Beach issues, and working toward the goal of becoming Toronto mayor. Tom Jakobek has made many political friends along his political road, and of course a few enemies. However whether you like him or not, Tom Jakobek has some significant accomplishments indeed

After Tom Jakoek’s Toronto mayoral campaign was unsuccessful, placing fifth in the 2003 municipal election, Tom Jakobek returned to Romlek Enterprises which is owned by his wife’s family. And just like an ordinary person, Tom Jakoek began to pay attention to leaders as an onlooker. At a Queen St. diner Tom Jakobek told the Town Crier his feelings on watching council from the outside, his failed mayoral candidacy and mending fences with another prominent local politician.

“It wasn’t my time to be mayor, that’s pretty much it,” Tom Jakobek says. “Timing is everything in politics and it just wasn’t the time. There are a lot of different ways of looking at it, but the fact is I enjoyed the race and the debates and I have no regrets, either of the campaign or the 20 years I spent in public service.”


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Former politician of Toronto City. Mayoral candidate of Toronto. School trustee. City budget chief.
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